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Beyond The Books

Modernized Accounting for Small Businesses

Simplified and Personalized Remote Bookkeeping in NYC

Bookeeps is a boutique-style online bookkeeping and accounting firm helping businesses establish financial stability while increasing profits.




Bookeeps gives you the power to make sound financial decisions.


We understand that every business is unique that is why our outsourced services are adaptable to the specific needs of your business.

While we are an online bookkeeping and accounting service we do  offer scheduled visits to our clients in the NY Metro area/ NYC area.

Our goal is to help your business mak sensible financials choice while freeing up valuable time and energy.

Here are some solutions we provide to clients.

Who We Are

 Bookeeps is a full-service online accounting and bookkeeping provider-the product of 20 years of helping businesses make data-driven decisions that have increased their profits margins and established financial stability. Our services are specifically designed to help bring small businesses and startups into the 21st century.

 Our experience comes from working with companies from various industries such as, fashion, consultancy, design, real estate and independent start-ups, as well as non-profit organizations. We have worked from the ground up across NYC( Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, etc.), in the most diverse city in world through the good times and bad so we know what it takes to cultivate a business from scratch.


Our Vision

Bookeeps is a minority and LGBTQ-owned company that’s committed to maintaining an all-inclusive team. We pride ourselves on caring for and respecting people of all backgrounds and beliefs. It’s our vision that all workplaces can become more accepting, inclusive, and diverse.


  • Where are you located?
    We are located anywhere you are located however,we are based in Jamaica Queens in New York. Bookeeps proudly serves the five boroughs of New York, Suffolk, and Nassau counties. Not in NYC? No problem! We proudly offer remote bookkeeping services no matter where you are!
  • What is the difference between a accountant and a bookkeeper?
    Both accountants and bookeepers keep track of your company’s income while keeping your expenses organized. Envision us as the bridge connecting you to your business' roadmap. Bookkeeping involves daily record keeping and day to day maintenance including customer payments, receipts of bills, and payroll & payment processing. Accounting an extension of this. An accountant manages company taxes, individual taxes, reconciliation of credit cards, complete payroll and property tax returns. *Kindly note: Bookkeeps LLC is a qualified accountant and bookeeper and is not doing CPA work at this time, however, we work in conjunction with the best CPA’s to ensure a streamlined process and are happy to assist in outsourcing as a liaison with one of our trusted CPA partnerships.
  • What services do you offer?
    We specialize in many bookkeeping services that can be customized to your goals & needs, such as: Business Accounting, Consulting, Payroll Management & Processing, Financial Auditing, QuickBooks, Internal Reporting Requirements, Customer & Vendor Management, General Ledger Entries, Profits & Loss, Balance Sheets, Consulting and CFO Management to both individuals and corporations alike. More Services: Banking Accounts Payable On Site and Remote Bookkeeping General Management Accounts Receivable Bank and Credit card Reconciliation QuickBooks Management Customized payroll solutions Forecasting Analysis Staff Overhead (rent, supplies, etc.)
  • What is the typical length of time that my company or I will need a bookkeeper?
    Making the right financnal decisions and keeping your books in order is a constant need in sustaining any business. What we hope you find with Bookeeps is that we can be an integrated part of your business growth and success, empowering you to focus on the functions of your business. Use us as you need us.
  • What kind of software do you work with?
    We love QuickBooks but also have a wide range of specialized software for all our client's needs. We can work with what you have or even introduce you to a system better suited to your needs and goals.
  • How can I sign up/book a consultation?
    The easiest way to sign up/book a meeting with us is to use our contact page. Enter your name or company name. Use the Subject Line to tell us if you are interested in a Consultation or Business Evalutation. Fill out the Date that works best for you. Once your form is submitted, we will reachout to find the best time for our meeting. If an alternative date & time is needed on our end, we will work with you to find the best time for us to meet. For your 45-minute consultation, I will evaluate your business and guide you as to the best package to suit your needs. You will then submit payment for our services. Once your payment is received, you can relax and Bookkeeps begins! *Please note: If for any reason you need to reschedule a consult, I require 24-48 hour’s notice
  • Do you offer remote services?
    Yes! With the current climate of Covid, the majority of our clientele are happily utilizing all of our services remotely. We are proud to offer our services no matter where you are located and also will be glad to meet our clientele in person when appropriate.




Ready to grow your business?

We are here to help! Contact us by phone, email, or via our social media channels.

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