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Beyond The Books

Modernized Accounting for Small Businesses

Simplified and Personalized Remote Bookkeeping in NYC

Bookeeps is a boutique-style online bookkeeping and accounting firm helping businesses establish financial stability while increasing profits.




Bookeeps gives you the power to make sound financial decisions.


We understand that every business is unique that is why our outsourced services are adaptable to the specific needs of your business.

While we are an online bookkeeping and accounting service we do  offer scheduled visits to our clients in the NY Metro area/ NYC area.

Our goal is to help your business mak sensible financials choice while freeing up valuable time and energy.

Here are some solutions we provide to clients.

Who We Are

 Bookeeps is a full-service online accounting and bookkeeping provider-the product of 20 years of helping businesses make data-driven decisions that have increased their profits margins and established financial stability. Our services are specifically designed to help bring small businesses and startups into the 21st century.

 Our experience comes from working with companies from various industries such as, fashion, consultancy, design, real estate and independent start-ups, as well as non-profit organizations. We have worked from the ground up across NYC( Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, etc.), in the most diverse city in world through the good times and bad so we know what it takes to cultivate a business from scratch.


Our Vision

Bookeeps is a minority and LGBTQ-owned company that’s committed to maintaining an all-inclusive team. We pride ourselves on caring for and respecting people of all backgrounds and beliefs. It’s our vision that all workplaces can become more accepting, inclusive, and diverse.






Ready to grow your business?

We are here to help! Contact us by phone, email, or via our social media channels.

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