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Bookkeeping Review Service Plan


Our Bookkeeping Review Service is the safety net that ensures your business's financial records are error-free, compliant, and audit-ready. Tailored to your unique needs, this service can be engaged at any point—whether quarterly, annually, before an audit, or simply on request. With our customized pricing structure, you pay only for what your business requires, ensuring maximum value and efficiency.



Flexible Scheduling

   - Quarterly Reviews: Ideal for staying on top of finances and preparing for end-of-year reports.

   - Annual Comprehensive Review: A thorough examination to ensure your books are in pristine order.

   - Pre-Audit Reviews: To ensure that you're fully prepared with all your financials in check.

   - On-Demand Reviews: Available whenever you feel the need for a professional bookkeeping check-up.


Customized Service Coverage

   - Transaction Accuracy Checks: We meticulously review each transaction for precision.

   - Compliance Verification: Ensuring all financial reporting meets current regulatory standards.

   - Reconciliation Verification: Cross-checking all accounts to prevent discrepancies.

   - Financial Statement Review: In-depth analysis of your profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

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Reporting & Recommendations

   - Detailed Findings Report: A comprehensive report detailing the outcomes of the review.

   - Actionable Insights: Highlighting areas of concern and recommending corrective actions.

   - Best Practices Guidance: Advice on financial management best practices tailored to your business.

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Follow-up Support

   - Post-Review Support: A follow-up to ensure all recommendations are effectively implemented.

   - Query Resolution: Addressing any questions you may have regarding your financials.

   Customized Pricing Model:

- Our pricing is as unique as your business. After a preliminary assessment, we offer a quote based on:

  - The size and complexity of your financial records.

  - The frequency and depth of review required.

  - Any additional support or services needed post-review.


- We stand by our commitment to excellence with a service satisfaction guarantee. If any aspect of our review does not meet your expectations, we will work diligently to resolve the matter at no additional cost.

  How It Works:


Initial Consultation

   - Discuss your business needs and review frequency preferences.

   - Evaluate the current state of your bookkeeping.


Custom Quote

   - Based on the consultation, we provide a personalized quote.

   - Outline of the services included and the timeline for the review process.

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Service Execution

   - We conduct the bookkeeping review as per the agreed schedule.

   - Utilize our team of experienced bookkeepers to ensure a thorough and precise review.


Reporting and Improvement

   - Deliver a detailed report with insights and recommendations.

   - Provide guidance on implementing any suggested changes.


Ongoing Support:

   - Offer continued support and answer any subsequent queries.

   Engage with Us:

Ready for peace of mind with your bookkeeping? Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and embrace clarity and confidence in your financial reporting. Let Bookeeps be your partner in financial precision.

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