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the cfo of the people

The CFO Of The People

  Bookeeps LLC service is unique because we understand how small to medium sized business run from the ground up. Our CFO service is a outgrowth of our bookkeeping service. A company’s financial affairs are the nucleus from which it develops and evolves an frequently there is a need for someone to investigate, interpret, and formulate plans and strategies to ensure the company overall health. That is why in addition to our monthly bookkeeping service, we offer our CFO services. Below is a list of the CFO services we provide:an handle your business without distractions!

Services Provided:

Have no fear! The CFO of the people is here! Bookeeps LLC will provide your business with a custom program for success.



Evaluate your biz!

Your biz needs to include:

  • day to day operations

  • long term planning

  • Prioritizing and scheduling tasks



Create/maintain tools that assist management with decision making


such as:

  • Implementing accounting tools

  • Installing new online software

  • Reorganizing your website

coordinate information

Coordinate Information

Communication is key!

We will help you:

  • Keep records current

  • Communicate changes to necessary departments.

organize records

Organize Records

There’s no point to having records if you can’t find them!

We will help you:

  • Organize records so they are useful and informative to the user

  • Update any records that might need to be updated

  • Address old records that aren’t currently in use

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