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maison international
  • Maintained a portfolio of 10 properties and reported on all financial activity.

  • Performed monthly bank and credit card reconciliations, accruals, and financial reporting.

  • Teamed up with property managers to deliver top service.

  • Performed forensic accounting and audited tenant ledgers for accurate postings.

  • Prepared daily journal entries and checked entries for accuracy.

  • Reviewed client account balances and reconciled balance sheets.

  • Performed all collections for the center and month-end closings.

  • Prepared detailed property accounting reports.

sally details
  • Distinguished new business development and potential company growth opportunities.

  • Contributed to building the company with a rapid expansion from 125 to 375 cars.

  • Conducted comprehensive financial reports for executives/shareholders.

  • Maintained cash flow, credit card, bank reconciliation, and prepared bad debt reports.

  • Increased revenue by $0.5M & profits by $0.2M by development & cut unnecessary cost.

peter som list
  • Performed all accounting features such as bank reconciliations, expense accruals, etc.

  • Maintained international accounts as well as for factor management and reconciliations.

  • Reviewed invoices for accuracy within contractual guidelines and resolved discrepancies.

  • Suggested ways to reduce costs (25%), enhance revenues (12%) & improve profits (7%).

  • Liaised with auditors, bankers, vendors & relevant statutory bodies on related matters.

  • Performed all aspects of fashion payables & receivables during a difficult cash flow time.

  • Led financial modeling and due diligence to evaluate profit margins and forecast growth.

  • Ensured compliance with accounting deadlines and prepared tax returns for audit.

  • Liaised with bankers, insurers, and solicitors regarding financial transactions.

  • Created budgets, finance, and forecasts reports for the management group.

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