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Accounting_ Bookkeeping_ and Advisory Services for The LGBTQ Community

The month of June is Pride Month and the time when the LGBTQ community ally together worldwide, to celebrate diversity and gay pride. So, what better time to take a look at the numerous benefits that same-sex married couples can take advantage of in terms of accounting? Recent legislation has made it possible for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender couples to utilize many benefits that used to be reserved for heterosexual couples only.

Hence, it’s important to work with professionals who are up-to-date and experienced with the latest regulations and laws. At Bookeeps, the professionals not only stay informed on these changes but the company is owned by a member of the LGBTQ community. So, our professionals have a clear understanding of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. We are equipped to handle any situation and experienced enough to provide you with nothing but beneficial solutions.

What is Bookeeps?

If you’ve never heard of Bookeeps, it’s an online full-service bookkeeping and accounting provider with over 20 years of combined experience to help your business increase profit margins, establish financial security, and make decisions based on real data. Our services are designed to help startups and small businesses know how to properly manage their finances in the 21st century.

We understand that running a business is hard work, which can be even more true for members of the LGBTQ community. So, having trusted advisors on your team is critical to reaching business goals, especially when the team working for you understands your unique needs and living situations as members of the same community. We are also committed to maintaining an all-inclusive team and pride ourselves on respecting and caring for the needs of people from every walk of life.

Why Choose Bookeeps?

Bookeeps can help you understand the laws in your state and make sense of all current and future goals you have in place. This information is critical in planning and implementing financial strategies customized for yourself and your business.

We can help with all accounting and bookkeeping needs, and our services are customizable to fit individual needs or that of any size business. Our services include:

● Consulting

● Business Accounting

● Financial Auditing

● Internal Reporting Requirements

● Payroll Management & Processing

● General Ledger Entries

● Balance Sheets

● Profit & Loss

● Customer & Vendor Management

● CFO Management

● Banking

● Remote and On-Site Bookkeeping

● Accounts Payable

● Accounts Receivable

● Reconciliations for Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

● Forecasting Analysis

● Expenses

● Quickbooks Management

● General Financial Management

At Bookeeps, you’ll love working with our dedicated team of professionals who can help you with bookkeeping and financial planning, as well as issues facing the LGBTQ community to address your needs during these rapidly changing times. We possess all the skills and experience needed to help structure your company’s financial goals and create nothing but beneficial scenarios.

Serving as your trusted accounting and bookkeeping advisors, our all-inclusive skilled team can provide the services you want and need. So, contact us today for a free consultation to discuss potential benefits and find a plan that fits your budget! And Happy Pride Month!


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